It's baroque to my ears

Birgit Bornauw : french baroque bagpipe and flemish bagpipe

Benjamin Macke : diatonic accordion and footbass


It\'s Baroque to my ears is a bridge between two eras, a tense wire on which two tightrope walkers have fun disorienting the listener...

Born around the end of the 16th century, the Baroque style spread throughout Europe until mid 18th century. But it has inspired artists far beyond and left traces in many composers until today. In this album Esprit-Philippe Chédeville, Turlough O'Carolan and Marin Marais rub shoulders with Ola Bäckström, Martin Coudroy and Maxime Le Forestier ... Sometimes there are more than three centuries separating them, yet these composers have one thing in common: one day they have created - in different European countries - these melodies that sound baroque to our ears...

It's Baroque To My Ears asks a question: how would baroque musicians have used the accordion if it had existed in their day?

It's Baroque To My Ears is a dream, even a fantasy. That of contemporary musicians of Louis XV who would find themselves playing together, to jam, in an inn or at someone\'s home and who, far from the usual codes of music and the court, could let go a tad . Why not after all?

It's Baroque To My Ears are two musicians inspired by traditional music, it is a curious Siamese twin with four hands and two feet, it is Baroque music uninhibited, imagined, reinvented with the respect that we owe it.

Article in the flemish magazine "Folk" of the spring 2016

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A Minuit fut fait un réveil (extract)

Menuett efter Gustav Blidström (extract)

Joseph est bien marié (extract)

Jan de Mulder (extract)


It's Baroque to my Ears onWeo (17-09-29)

It's Baroque to my Ears in Zat Folk of Radio Uylenspiegel (16-11-06)

It's Baroque to my Ears in Radio RCF (16-10-10)

It's Baroque to my Ears in Chemins de Terre of Radio Rennes (16-12-12)

Benjamin Macke

Benjamin Macke was born in 1983 in Hazebrouck, in the North of France. His family members are musicians in a wind band and he was playing classical percussions and jazz drums. At that time he also discovered traditional music through local musician. Only when he was 18 he started to play accordion. He learned to play it as an autodidact and during meetings with other musicians..

Since 2004 Benjamin Macke is a professional musician who is involved with many different groups and projects:

Shillelagh (since 2002) is a band who plays for dancing, « music from Flanders and elsewhere » with Gabriel Lenoir (fiddle) and Aurélien Tanghe (guitar).

Collectif Muzikaciné (since 2010), around music for silent film. There are here several "ciné-concert" as La Maîtresse des OmbresOdna, Duo Muzikaciné, Les Trois LumièresCiné-concert de Poche, and also music workshop with silent films, soundtrack for movies...

La Compagnie Marchands de Sornettes (since 2002) is a group which joines music and story telling with each other. In the group Benjamin plays with Pascal Duclermortier and Gabriel Lenoir. They have made three shows together; the last one, Contes à 1000 gueules..

Duo Birgit Bornauw & Benjamin Macke (since 2009), bagpipe-accordion duet who met around bal and traditional music. They propose now their new concert It's Baroque to my Ears.

The Big Border Orchestra since 2013. He lead it with Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven in music for dancing with 20 musicians from either side of the French-Flemish border.

He also was the accordeonist of Duo Bastringue from 2005 to 2012, « the unexpected encounter of folk dances and musette », with Philippe Destanque (guitar) and Rachel Bazoge (vocal).

He has also teached accordion in Cric-Crac Compagnie, in the Music Academy of Gooik and the Music Academy of Ghent. He creates now his own lessons in Tournai and gives everywhere in Europa, accordion, training and improvisation on silent films workshops.

Benjamin is moreover active in the CPMDT, professional artist collective for traditionnal musics.

Looking for all kind of encounters, Benjamin Macke has been heard playing with various artists, accordion players like Daniel Colin, Marc Perrone or Sophie Cavez, the jazzmen David Chevallier or Christophe « Pher » Motury, the vibraphonist Jean-Christophe Cheneval, the hurdy-gurdy player Grégory Jolivet, the fiddler Margaux Liénard, the piper Rémi Decker, the rgentinian singer Sofia Tassara, the contemporary dancers Anne-Françoise Delobelle or Isabelle Dubouloz, the visual artist Elsa Godefroy-Démombynes...



Discography :

- Shillelagh : Hemels Douwe (Compagnie Macke-Bornauw - 2017)

- Duo Macke-Bornauw : It's Baroque to my Ears (Bémol Productions - 2016)

- Shillelagh : le Vagabond (Bémol Productions - 2013)

- Benjamin Macke : Un Instrument, un artiste : l'Accordéon diatonique (Bémol Productions - 2012)

- Le Duo Bastringue & Rachel Bazoge : l'Arbre à danses (Bémol Productions - 2010)

- Shillelagh : Germaine (Bémol Productions - 2009)

- Le Duo Bastringue : Bruit qui danse (Bémol Productions - 2007)

- Shillelagh : Danses sur l'eau (Bémol Productions - 2006)

- Shillelagh : Musique à danser (Autoproduction - 2004)

Birgit Bornauw

Work in progress...


Birgit Bornauw est née en 1981 à Asse dans le Brabant flamand (Belgique). Après avoir pratiqué le violon classique à la Muziek Academie d'Asse, elle découvre la cornemuse à l'âge de 15 ans lors des stages de musique traditionnelle de Gooik. C'est grâce au Folk Festival de Dranouter qu'elle rencontre les différentes traditions européennes. Après une série de stages, concerts, enregistrements et groupes, elle entre au Lemmens Institutes de Leuven pour y étudier la musette baroque et la cornemuse. Son diplôme en main après une apparition dans l'orchestre XVIIIème de Frans Brüggen, elle se consacre aux musiques traditionnelles avec notamment le BBGE (Belgian Bagpipe Groove Experience) et Transpiradansa. Elle est également à l'origine du projet Griff, avec Rémi Decker (cornemuse) et Raphaël De Cock (cornemuse et chant), trio de cornemuses (« Bag Pipe but no kilt »).

On la retrouve depuis 2006 dans le groupe Bon matin !, avec Hoëla Barbedette (harpe celtique et chant), Juliette Collache (harpe celtique et chant) et Marinette Bonnert (accordéon). C'est un groupe de concert et de bal qui travaille sur le répertoire des quatre régions d'origine des musiciennes, Bretagne, Poitou, Wallonie et Flandre.

Birgit enseigne la cornemuse, le jeu d'ensemble et l'histoire de la musique au Conservatoire de Gand et à la Muziek Academie de Gooik. Elle donne régulièrement des stages comme à Muziekpublique, folkstages de Gooik, Qiqalson à Floreffe, Spielkurs de Trossin, Cric-Crac Compagnie…